About Josh Medlin

Josh graduated from Zen Shiatsu Chicago of Evanston, a school dedicated to teaching the Zen Shiatsu style of bodywork. In addition to the core curriculum, Josh completed the Massage Adjunct Program which focused on Western massage techniques and Western medicine pathology.

Josh is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Indiana. He has additional certifications in Asian Bodywork Therapy, Prenatal Massage, and Postpartum Massage.

Josh also crafts herbal medicines, such as tinctures and oils, sometimes for use with clients. Josh completed a year of study at the herb school Sacred Plant Traditions and enjoys sharing herbs and basic herbal medicine ways.

Josh lives near downtown Anderson with his wife Sybilla and daughters Corina and Wren. Sybilla recently started an outdoor learning program for homeschool families in the Anderson area. If interested, you can find out more at madschooling.com. 

Josh practices tai chi and qi gong, sometimes offering classes.